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27th-Jun-2016 10:37 am - Fond Farewells
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Hello everyone. Fritz here.

The Games wasn’t my creation. Originally, the Games was the work of people like Te and Hats and those on the original mod team. It was the tireless work of Lisa, whom this Game has really belonged to alongside Te. There’s been a lot of changes there in the team just as there has been in the playerbase in the four years this game has run. From Megan and Manda who helped in the Spring to Summer (or opposite seasons, as was for Megan), Lysoke and Reiko who pulled through and got me through some of the middling legs of the race before it was over, Danya and Ema who were around at the winter’s end, other mods and helpers along the way... And of course, those who were never mods but who helped me immensely both with their advice, counselling, and offering writing help when I was at my wits end (looking at you Michi,Terra, and Bri; I couldn’t have made it without you).

There’s been a whole lot to happen here, a little of it stressful, but most of it wonderful. We’ve all done some amazing things here. We’ve met new people, we’ve tried new means of storytelling and written our hearts out, we’ve stuck it by one another all this way. We’ve challenged ourselves and I feel it’s been rewarded.

This is only my second ever game and my first time modding so my experience has some bias. It’s a little funny, as I was never fond of the books, the Hunger Games. But I played here, with all of you and some who sadly couldn’t make it to endgame with us. This became my home game, for better or for worse. There are many people from here I know I will never forget. I type this now to you wearing my Mockingjay pin. I am so grateful to have had the chance to play with you and I am proud to bring this all to its close. Together, we made a fantastic story through and through. It was three years here for me, culminating to all this, a game embodying and growing bigger than the story this lifted off from.

I know when this all ends, many of us will part ways and find new pastures to play in or move on to. Before you go, I want to thank you all. I, personally, cannot think of a better game to play.

-Fondest Regards,
Fritz, Head Mod/Gamemaker.

Moving forward doesn’t mean having to say goodbye completely. From here we open the Games up to be a musebox. People may play as much as they like here, whenever they like. Personal post-game plots are absolutely allowed and encouraged. On July 4th we will be posting a 10 Years Later log but people are welcome to play out the time before then and of course the time after. We also have a Love Meme that is up right now! Share your favorite memories from Games, thank fellow players, receive affection! And finally, here below you can plot out the future of your characters and let everyone see what is had in mind.

Happy Hunger Games
26th-May-2016 12:14 pm - The Final Battle
etcircenses: (president snow)
And with the end of the Last Flower Girl Plot, our Final Battle is ready to go! This will run much like an arena in that there will be rolls to determine who makes it to what part, a place to do buyouts, plotting, etc, and there will be events with each roll (most of them small, a few of them bigger). The first roll will go on up June 1st. Rather than have this go weekly, the rolls will be every three OOC days and will follow the events of one IC day. There will be eight rounds total. Plotting and all else will be on one page which the rolls will all link back to. We would also like to note that while there will be events with each roll, players are not obligated to play with each one. You are all 100% free to pick and choose!

Those who signed up for fourth wall will finally get their time to shine with the beginning of these battles. Once these go live, you may all finally reveal your secret!

We hope you'll all have fun and stick with us for the true actual endgame and aftermath to follow. May the odds be ever in your favor.
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